According to the provisions of the Farmland Water Conservancy Law , the management office has one director to coordinate the business of the whole office. It has a first-level deputy director, special committee members and chief engineer. It is divided into 4 groups and 4 rooms to assist in business promotion. In order to facilitate the communication between farmers and the office Contact and set up 8 water conservancy workstations in each region to provide local services and business area management.

There are Management Team, General Affairs Team, Finance Team, Engineering Team, Human Resources Office, Accounting Office, Counseling Office, and Information Office.

The areas of water conservancy workstations are Xincheng Workstation, Ji'an Workstation, Shoufeng Workstation, Fenglin Workstation, Guangfu Workstation, Ruisui Workstation, Yuli Workstation, Fuli Workstation

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