Introduction to jurisdiction workstations

In order to reduce people's running from north to south and improve the efficiency of serving the people, 8 workstations have been set up under its jurisdiction. From north to south, they are Xincheng Workstation , Ji'an Workstation , Shoufeng Water Conservancy Workstation , Fenglin Water Conservancy Workstation , Guangfu Water Conservancy Workstation , Ruisui Water Conservancy Workstation The business responsibilities of workstations , Yuli Water Conservancy Workstation and Fuli Water Conservancy Workstation are as follows:

1. Maintenance, management, annual repair, and improvement of irrigation and drainage facilities above small water supply gates and small drainage gates, banning of water conservancy hazards, and emergency rescue for flood control.
2. Management and adjustment of water diversion, water delivery, and water distribution above the small water supply gate and small discharge gate.
3. Command and assessment of the work of the water conservancy team.
4. Coordinated handling of water conservancy disputes.
5. Implementation of water conservancy decree and irrigation system.
6. Monitoring and treatment of irrigation water quality.
7. Drafting and implementation of irrigation plans.
8. Survey of irrigation and drainage area and its cadastral data.
9. Matters assigned by the irrigation management organization.

Workstation Map

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