Important measures in 2022/10


Public works group

On October 31, 2011, the reconstruction project was selected.

management group

  1. The emergency repair project after the 0918 earthquake in Hualien area was completed before October 31, and water supply has been restored throughout the territory.
  2. Colleagues and team leaders from the Taoyuan and Hsinchu management offices visited the water conservancy facilities such as the Ji'an Waterway and the Shoufeng Grinding Pool this month. During the visit, colleagues from the office acted as explanations, so that visitors can understand the functions and purposes of water conservancy facilities.
  3. Wu Zaiqin, member of Farmland Water Conservancy Magazine, came to our office this month for an exclusive interview. In addition to interviewing Zhang Qiwei, director of this office, he also went to various workstations to visit water conservancy facilities and local agricultural scenery.
  4. In response to the 1008 torrential rain, the 1015 torrential rain and the 1030 torrential rain, the Department established three disaster response centers respectively.
  5. In response to the Hualien County government's solar photovoltaic development policy, Deputy Director Lin Guohua led a team including team leader Zhu Xiaoen to visit the Hualien County government on the 4th of this month. It explains that the department handles the road-type solar energy, and implements it under the principles of not affecting the environment and causing no pollution. I hope that the Hualien County Government can fully assist the department in completing the solar-type solar facilities along the road.

General Affairs Group

  1. At 10:00 am on October 13, the office held the 24th supervisory work report in the conference room on the first basement floor.
  2. On October 12th, the Department handled the property inventory operation. The movable part of the Department was printed with property labels and handled operations such as new scrapping and other operations in accordance with regulations.
  3. Participate in the general affairs business exchange meeting of each management office held on October 19.
  4. Completed the 113 year work plan of the office and sent it to the office on October 27.
  5. The office's 2010 business supervision opinion form has been emailed back to the Taiwan Institute of Water Resources and Agriculture. Regarding the 110 year business appraisal and commendation case of the various management offices of the agency, the office's accounting business was rated as the third.

Finance group

  1. Completed 1 land lease case (land No. 1011-1, 1011-2, Ci'an Section, Ji'an Township, area 33 square meters).
  2. In 2011, the state-owned property inventory of this office was carried out. On October 12, 2011, the agency visited this office, the Tiantian Town grit chamber, the main line of Taiping Canal (micro-hydroelectric power generation), and Fuli Station (rooftop solar power generation).

Human resources room

  1. We have successively handled the registration matters of the 111-year new farmland and water conservancy personnel screening and admission personnel.
  2. The 3rd Personnel Appraisal Committee in 2011 was held to handle the qualification review of promotion and assessment personnel and eight award cases, with 74 award personnel.
  3. In October, the data on the employment of aboriginal people, the disabled and the employment of temporary personnel was completed.
  4. Worker Xiao Boyuan resigned from the office on November 1, 2011 due to career planning.

accounting room

  1. Participated in the "111 Annual Farmland Water Conservancy Operation Fund Accounting System Education Training".
  2. The Farmland and Water Conservancy Department held a video conference on the implementation of fixed assets on October 5 to discuss the implementation of fixed assets this year.
  3. Cooperate with business units to handle various procurement case supervision business.

counseling room

  1. 111 Anti-bribery publicity campaign for the nine-in-one election of local public officials.
  2. There are nine articles on the safety maintenance of government propaganda agencies, the maintenance of official secrets, and the propaganda of clean government. Please refer to them.
  3. Cooperate with business units to handle various procurement bid opening and inspection operations.
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