Important measures in 2022/11


Public works group

On November 16th, Liu Bangchong, section chief of the construction team of the Agriculture and Water Administration, Zhang Qiwei, the director of the department, the head of the engineering team, and the station chiefs of Yuli and Fuli workstations participated in the 0918 earthquake-hit farmland restoration work briefing held in Yuli and Fuli in the county government.

management group

  1. In order to deal with the aftermath of the 0918 Earthquake in Hualien, the Hualien County Government invited the Office, township offices and other relevant units to hold the first working meeting on November 08. The meeting decided on the responsibilities of each unit.
  2. Due to the impact of the 0918 earthquake, the hillside adjacent to the water inlet of Yudongzhen No. 8 Branch Line managed by Yuli Workstation, a large number of soil and rocks on the hillside collapsed to the water diversion road. Yuli Station has cleared the soil and rocks of the water guide and restored the water supply. Considering that the slope is very prone to collapse, this month, relevant agencies such as the Bureau of Soil and Water Conservation were invited to discuss the slope protection project to avoid future collapses.
  3. The opening maintenance project, opening repair project and other opening projects handled by the management team will be completed until the end of November. All opening works are expected to be settled before December 17.
  4. Inventory of solar photovoltaic projects this month, the ownership of the land for the main line of Taiping Canal has been obtained. The Taipingqu case site is scheduled to be open for bidding at the end of December.

General Affairs Group

  1. At 10:00 am on November 10, the Office held the 25th Supervisory Work Report in the conference room on the first basement floor.
  2. The Ministry of Economic Affairs' 110th annual implementation effectiveness evaluation report of the "Government Agencies and Schools Electricity Efficiency Management Plan" shows that the department's implementation of electricity usage has reached the standard, and will continue to promote energy conservation to improve energy conservation performance.
  3. The official vehicle 3411-S2 of this department has already processed the deactivation of the license plate.

Finance group

On November 30, 2011, the office held a meeting to assess the price of 6 land and real estate disposals including land numbers 713, 723, 828, 829, 833, and 835 of Dongchang Section, Ji'an Township, Hualien County.

Human resources room

  1. Congratulations to Xiao Huiyi, a technical worker, and Xu Mingjing, a job agent, who participated in the 111th new farmland and water conservancy personnel examination and were admitted to the irrigation management personnel of this department.
  2. In 2011, the information group for the examination and examination of new agricultural and water conservancy personnel is accepting the qualifications of the recruited personnel who have not registered and canceled the qualifications in accordance with the examination regulations.
  3. In order to enhance colleagues' knowledge about the two conventions, all colleagues in the office completed a one-hour digital learning course on human rights education in accordance with regulations.
  4. In November, the data on the employment of aborigines, the disabled and the employment of temporary personnel was completed.

counseling room

  1. Colleagues are invited to study and read the security maintenance of government propaganda agencies, the maintenance of official secrets, and the promotion of clean government.
  2. Cooperate with the anti-bribery propaganda of the 111 local public officials' nine-in-one election, and our colleagues should maintain administrative neutrality.
  3. The 2011 public official property declaration authorization investigation data can be downloaded and uploaded to the property declaration system from December 5th. Applicants must complete the declaration before December 31st to avoid penalties for late declaration.
  4. On December 2, we conducted employee corruption prevention and clean government publicity and education training, and hired Director Wu Guanyu of the Department's Political Style Office to give lectures.
  5. Cooperate with business units to handle various procurement, bid opening and inspection operations, totaling 20 pieces.

information room

  1. Handle the purchase and replacement of a total of 16 personal computer hosts for new recruits.
  2. Send personnel to participate in the 2nd Government Information Security Protection Tour Seminar in 2011.
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