Important measures in September 2022/9


Public works group

On September 22, 2011, Director Cai Shengfu led officials at all levels together with Director Zhuang Jinzhong of the Taitung Management Office and cadres to conduct on-site investigations on the 0918 earthquake that caused the disaster in Yuli and Fuli District Zhen Road, and ordered to carry out emergency repairs and reconstruction work as soon as possible.

management group

  1. The 0918 earthquake damaged about 105 roads in Yuli area and 16 roads in Fuli area. After the preliminary investigation was completed on September 20, emergency repairs began on September 21. After several days of intensive work, the main lines in Yuli and Fuli areas were all completed on September 24th.
  2. Director Cai Shengfu visited our Taiping Canal on September 22nd to investigate the disaster. He listened to the petitions of farmers at the disaster site and gave instructions on emergency repair measures on the spot, which was well received by the farmers on site.
  3. For branch line 1 of Chimei Town in Ruisui area, the water source at the inlet was exhausted due to the lack of rainfall in the area for a long time. The Department started the drought relief project on September 16 and is expected to complete the initial water supply on September 20.
  4. In response to Typhoon Xuan Lannuo and Meihua, the Department established a Disaster Response Center in accordance with regulations. The establishment of the Disaster Response Center of this office is the same as that of the Hualien County Government Disaster Response Center.
  5. The Water Conservancy Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs visited this office on September 6 to check the status of the drought-relief reserve wells. Inspection results: All drought-resistance spare wells inspected are qualified.

General Affairs Group

  1. At 10:40 am on September 15, the office held the 23rd supervisory work report in the conference room on the first basement floor.
  2. The Office's "Agriculture Commission of the Executive Yuan's Farmland and Water Conservancy Department (including the management office) file classification and storage period division table" has been edited and uploaded to the cloud folder on September 16.
  3. Advocate colleagues to strengthen the protection of personal information of the public. If you need to display the public ID card number in letters, websites, etc., please cover the last 4 digits (that is, the 7th to 10th digits) and replace them with "*" ; In addition, when handling petitions and other related cases, if there is a need for confidentiality, please notify the colleagues who sent the document to adopt the method of "separate addresses and separate documents" to avoid leakage of personal information.
  4. The Yuli rental office building under this office is located next to the collapsed building in the 0918 strong earthquake. After applying for an emergency assessment by a professional technician, it is determined that the office building must be suspended.

Finance group

  1. Hired Lin Zhengxiong, a lawyer from Yuanri International Law Firm, as the legal counsel of this office.
  2. Completed the new lease application for land No. 952 of the Wanfu section of Shoufeng Township, which is a non-business land of the operation fund.
  3. Four pieces of state-owned land were transferred and returned to the State-owned Property Administration.

Human resources room

  1. Handling the 57th Farmland Water Conservancy Cup Championship, led by the director to participate in various competitions at Tainan National Cheng Kung University on September 24.
  2. Handle the revised file classification and preservation period classification table of the Water Resources and Agriculture Research Institute.
  3. Fill out the questionnaire on the business operation and part-time job of personnel in farmland and water conservancy enterprises in the third quarter.
  4. Compiled the 113 year farmland water conservancy operation fund work plan of this office.

accounting room

  1. Participated in the "Workshop on the Classification of Files of the Management Offices of the Farmland and Water Conservancy Administration and the Compilation of the Classification Table of Retention Periods".
  2. Participated in the "111 Annual Farmland Water Conservancy Operation Fund Final Accounting Cash Flow Statement Preparation Instructions" meeting.
  3. Participated in the "Lectures for Accounting and Business Personnel of the Management Offices of the Farmland and Water Conservancy Administration".
  4. Cooperate with business units to handle various procurement case supervision business.

counseling room

  1. Strengthen the anti-bribery propaganda for the nine-in-one election of local public officials in 111 years.
  2. Participated in the department's 111 annual counseling room personnel political style business specialization seminar.
  3. There are nine articles on the safety maintenance of government propaganda agencies, the maintenance of official secrets, and the propaganda of clean government. Please refer to them.
  4. Cooperate with business units to handle various procurement bid opening and inspection operations.

information room

  1. Send personnel to participate in the 111 year farmland water conservancy and irrigation management information promotion study and discussion.
  2. Handle the annual replacement and purchase of office computers and personal computers for new recruits in 2011.
  3. Manage the maintenance of the personnel management system (including the salary system).
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