Wu Wande, leader of Hutouzhen Group, was appointed as the 19th mayor of Ruisui Township


In order to cooperate with the Hualien County Government to handle the "111-Year Ji'an Township Guanghua Drainage Emergency Project", it is planned to implement a water cut-off in the entire area of ​​the Ji'an Township 2 trunk line



The disaster repair projects of various water inlets within the jurisdiction of Fenglin Workstation have been completed one after another


The earthquake-damaged area of ​​Songpu Ru section of Yuli Town temporarily moved and divided the waterway project" and the 0918 earthquake disaster repair project of Songpu section of Taiping Canal main line was implemented, and some irrigation areas of Taiping Canal stopped supplying irrigation


After receiving a letter from the Hualien County Government to inform us of the location of water accidents in Ji'an Township from 101 to 111, we inspected the hotspots of water accidents in Dazhen, Ji'an Township, and actively installed 12 warning signs and lifebuoys to reduce water accidents Occurrence and casualties.


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